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Digital Graveyard

The digital gravel yard is a project that explores how companies like google breach privacy rights of their users. The brief restrictions were to simply look at privacy and create a print asset with a call to action. I decided to look at this through the eyes of the death as by 2056 the NHS will have more data on the dead than the living. This fact astounded me and took a deep dive into companies that the NHS work with and data protection around that. This project had a heavy amount of research going into it, like a detective I connected the dots between companies and data. This project was all about pushing out of my comfort zone. I have never made ‘dark’ work before and wanted to explore that territory as well as developing new skills. 


As this project was created in lockdown I had to experiment with self-portraits as I knew I wanted to incorporate photography. My self-portraits were to express the idea of a digital ghost or persona left behind by data, I then paired that with the long exposure pictures that express the movement of data. I also wanted to experiment with some graphic elements of photography, creating these images were very much out of my comfort zone but pushed me to try experimenting with some typography too.


Again this project was made in the middle of a lockdown so it was not viable for me to make this on a large scale. My overall idea was to create an installation where the ‘digital ghost’ was on the floor, to represent a grave, with the moving data points over the top. As part of the brief I had to create a print item that had a call to action, the image is a call to action for the digital graveyard website. Here you can create a digital time capsule, make a digital will and research around the use of holograms and what eternal data could mean for you.

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