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I am in the final part of my degree and what an experience it has been, doing my last year in lockdown has certainly been a curveball that has pushed me to be more open-minded and creative. In my spare time due to lockdowns, I have got into reading and exercise. In the summer I got up to running 16k and my 5k time was 27 minutes. I’ve also enjoyed reading books like, ‘The 5 people you meet in heaven, ‘Period Power’ and ‘How to give up plastic’.Being dyslexic, reading isn’t something that comes naturally to me but I have a passion for podcasts and this seemed like a natural evolution to that. I live for dogs and my TikTok feed consists of puppy videos or cooking things. If I'm not daydreaming about puppies or van life I’ll be cooking, a true passion of mine. I centred my final major project around it just so I could cook new dishes and experiment with flavour. Some of my favourites are chicken gumbo, Spanish omelette and a curry with homemade flatbread. I am on a constant journey of improving my sustainability and try to source unpacked vegetables.



Kingston School of Art

Creative and Cultural Industries

Art Direction


St Pauls Catholic Collage


Burgess Hill Academy 

I am in the last year of my degree, I am currently working on my final major project. As part of my second year, I got to work on the Giving bear project (in partnership with Veolia and Westminster council) being the lead photographer. Other clients I have worked with are Bentals Centre, Kingston First and Community Brain. I am currently illustrating a digital children’s book for Community brain as an extension to one of my second-year briefs. As well as this my illustrations were chosen for KSA's Christmas card competition which was commercially used.

  • Fine art-A


  • Photography-B


  • Business-B

  • English-B

  • Maths-B

  • Art-A

  • Photography-A

  • Science-B

  • Textiles-B

Work Experience


Small Oppertunities

Social Care


James Bibby and associates Osteopaths



Floaters Swim School

Assistant swim teacher

I specifically work with down syndrome adults helping them to live a fulfilled and as independent life as possible. Part of my role is to make sure that they take their medication at the right time and making sure they are safe both in the house and outside. I look after a maximum of 5 people when I'm on shift. This role has taught me to be adaptive and patient particularly in the current climate. Working throughout this pandemic has taught me true dedication.

This role gave me the confidence to answer phones and allowed me to grow my people skills. As the receptionist, I made an effort to talk to everyone who came in to improve their experience. A part of being accommodating was sometimes looking after children in the reception room when their parents were having treatments. I also was responsible for taking payment at the end of a session.​

​In this position, I had to assist the main teacher in the pool with teaching kids, typically 3-8 years old how to swim. This required me to be alert and take responsibility for the safety of the children. In the lessons, I also was able to give the children feedback whilst helping them due to my knowledge of swimming. This allowed me to build a connection with the children and it was very rewarding to see them grow each week.

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