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Foomie is my final major project that explores our connection with food and movies, particularly how they intertwine to create a new world. Foomie will be pitched as a business enterprise that at its core is a combination of Hello fresh and Netflix. Each box will be curated perfectly to suit its particular film, with a three-course meal that you cook at home that is straight out of the movie. I have added some creative flair to the packing, customising each part of it per film. This project is a working progress so I only have the American Psycho and Spirited away box currently. 

Salad box .jpg
better box .jpg
rice ball box mock up.jpg
loose organs box with sides .jpg
American pysco box.jpg


Here you can see my many experiments and creative thinking that goes into each mockup. With the spirited away box I wanted to play around with analogue and digital drawing to see how the styles can merge together. I chose this because Studio Ghibli work in spirited away was hand drawn, researching deeper into the film there are themes of ‘new’ and ‘old’ having to find ways to work alongside each other. I thought this could be an interesting way of getting that point across.


  • Photoshop

  • Adobe illustrator

  • Art Direction

  • Curation

  • Illustration

  • Procreate

  • Watercolour

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